Have 329.00? Want a Musical Tesla Coil? Your in Luck!

OneTesla Tesla Coil


So, I goto the 2013 World Maker Faire, and walk into one of the tents over near the Robotics area and I hear the magical sound of a tesla coil playing music. So, I wonder over in that direction and where is a 1ft tall tesla coil playing the theme for Star Wars. I was in love, I asked the price and for $300.00 at the Faire (now $329.00) I did everything I could not to just say here take my money! But, the biggest thing holding me back was I think $300.00 is a little too much for a kit. While it looks like it’s made of great quality, I think the price is a bit too high. I think closer to the 200.00 mark would seal the deal for me.

On a positive note, it looks like they posted schematics and code on-line for those that want to do everything themselves.

Norm from Tested.com spoke with the developers, you can check out the video below.


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