This is the Arduino Mini you’ve been looking for, meet Spark Core

Spark Core

I have been waiting for a device like this for a very long time and I’m ecstatic that it has come to fruition. So many of my project have desperately needed 802.11 WIFI in a small easy implement package that didn’t cost a fortune. I used the now defunct AsyncLabs YellowJacket, but it didn’t have much in the way of flash memory space. If you wanted a web server with graphics you couldn’t get very far and it didn’t take much before it ram out of RAM either. Plus getting one with a u.FL connector was nearly impossible. ┬áNo one ever released the YellowJacket Mega or even anything close, until now.

The Spark Core is an ST ARM M3 Cortex 128KB Flash, 20KB RAM, uses the new TI C3000 WIFI chipset, and you can select a ceramic antenna or a u.FL connector for an external antenna.

I’m planning to use this on a new version of the remote car starter on my Baja. I have pair on pre-order.

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